Energy Services

SLS, is a full-service energy consulting company headquartered in West Virginia with a branch office in Ohio. We are a leader in the industry with ongoing projects in Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia. Our services extend well beyond our borders.

Today, we employ on average 70 employees and have the ability to send ten separate crews to the field daily. Our company will continue to be a major contributor in the energy industry for many years to come.


Land & Energy Energy Services

  • Well Pad Design
  • Water Impoundment Design
  • Environmental Consulting
  • Entrance Access Road Design
  • E&S Control Designs
  • Gas Transmission Engineering
  • Impoundment Construction Inspection
  • Video / Photo Documentation
  • Impoundment Certification
  • Lift Compaction Analysis
  • E&S Inspections
  • DEP Permitting (Well, Methane, UIC, Plugging)
  • Stream Activity Application
  • Wetlands Permits
  • DOT Encroachment Permits (Roads, Pipelins)
  • FEMA Permits and Map Amendment’s
  • Reclamation Plans and Plats
  • Wastewater Sampling and Analysis

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