SLS, a surveying and engineering firm based in Glenville, W.Va., has unveiled a drone fleet with optical gas imaging (OGI) and mapping capabilities that will allow companies to boost safety and efficiency for operations throughout the region.

“The landscape is changing, and we’re offering clients the best view,” said Sarah Smith, SLS executive vice president. “We’re proud to be a Mountain State company keeping an eye on the Mountain State.”
The company showcased the aircraft during an event this week in Charleston, where SLS recently opened a new office. 

“Since 1978, SLS has been providing the region’s most dependable surveying, core drilling, aerial mapping and 3D scanning services,” Smith said. “Now, it’s the first West Virginia-based business to offer an elite fleet of mapping and thermal imaging drones.”

The sleek, lightweight, durable OGI system is equipped with an elite camera and sensors that deliver high-definition images and collect spectral data. 

“It offers extended flight time, outstanding stability and unmatched durability,” Smith said. “It separates SLS from other firms offering drone services in the region. This is cutting-edge technology for industries throughout the state, especially industries utilizing tanks and pipelines.” 

The drone can see gas and liquid, spotting leaks of all sizes. 

“It keeps workers and residents safe,” Smith said. “It’s cost-effective, too. That’s because it prompts preventative maintenance through early detection and minimizes risks. It allows businesses to exceed federal monitoring requirements. We’re offering a whole new level of safety and efficiency.”

The SLS mapping drones deliver data directly to cloud-based storage. Those numbers create measurements, share annotations and compare maps with drawings and schedules. The 3D technology is deeper than laser-scanned images, offering a precise location for reconstructed space. 

“From object surveying, to industrial inspections, to site monitoring, to aerial photography, to videography – these incredible devices can do it all,” Smith said. “They deliver accurate measurements and non-invasive date capture.”

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