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Drone Fleet

Our ever-expanding fleet includes drones that offer cutting-edge laser and optical gas imaging, as well as mapping. 

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We've performed Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessments on more than 25,000 acres of federal, state and private land.

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We bring a full complement of land surveying services using cutting-edge instrumentation and computer software.

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Land and energy development is SLS’s largest division. We can send as many as 10 separate crews into the field every day. 

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Project Management

We can survey and develop your site, create maps, help with permits, design road access and so much more. 

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Tank Inspections

We offer registrations, inspections, spill prevention plans and closures related to aboveground storage tanks.

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Water Sampling

We test water to ensure it’s in compliance with federal and state regulations.

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Wetlands Delineation

Knowing where the boundary is between a wetland and an upland is critical. Our experience is extensive.

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Site Assessment

SLS is equipped to assess whether your site is appropriate for the purpose you intend.

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Commercial Site Assessment

We have experience with commercial buildings, bridges, shopping centers and access roads.  

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Printing and Scanning

We can make posters and prints and produce high-quality construction plans on tear-resistant paper.

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Flood Zone Determination

SLS offers a large variety of professional services relating to FEMA flood insurance requirements.

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