SLS can help with delineating wetlands and getting required permits if your project incorporates any wetlands that might fall under the federal Clean Water Act.

Wetland Delineation is a process that determines the boundary between a wetland and an upland. Wetland delineation is necessary when a project would involve placing fill material in a potential wetland area. Common examples include grading, leveling and the construction of malls, housing development, golf courses and roads. Identifying the locations and size of wetlands is a must when it comes to complying with federal and state laws. Learn more here. 

The purpose of an Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) process is to identify recognized environmental conditions. We look for the presence or likely presence of any hazardous substances or petroleum products on the property. Conditions will indicate an existing release, a past release or material threat of a release into structures, ground, groundwater or surface water, even when in compliance with laws. 

Our comprehensive investigations yield a detailed report, including site maps, aerial and site photographs, government and local database record search results and intuitive executive summaries. 

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SLS conducts water and wastewater sampling and analysis, environmental consulting, stream modeling and erosion and sediment control designs to make sure you’re in compliance. Learn more here.