Today’s landscape is constantly changing, and we have the best view.

The Raptor and Falcon: 

• Collects spectral data and crisp images 
• Extended flight time
• Outstanding stability
• Unmatched durability 

They can see gas. They can see liquid. They can spot leaks of all sizes. All from the sky. 

These aircraft keep workers and residents safe. They are cost-effective, prompting preventative maintenance through early detection and by minimizing risks. They allow businesses to exceed federal monitoring requirements. That means SLS can take your company to a whole new level of safety and efficiency. 

The mapping fleet's 3D technology is deeper than laser-scanned images, offering a precise location for reconstructed space. 

It’s self-sufficient, too. From flight planning to image processing, it can repeat daily and offer regular updates. 

• Object surveying 
• Industrial inspections 
• Site monitoring 
• Aerial photography 
• Videography 

These incredible aircraft deliver accurate measurements and non-invasive data capture. 

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